Chi Siamo

Lysandra Natura Snc is a service company that operates through the encounter of different disciplines such as natural sciences, psychology and the 'Art, in order to bring the individual to nature in a respectful and curious.
Among the main activities proposed projects artistic - cultural, scientific paths - exhibitions, museum exhibitions, exibit, visitor centers, information points, nature trails and exhibitions, creating sensory pathways in which the experiences of touch, the experience and the play, using natural materials, they are fundamental.
In graphics and brand logos are made unique, illustrations, personalized, educational panels - scientific, with a 'particular attention to the field of photography, through processing and retouching of photographs, production of photographic services and equipping exhibitions.
In the field of environmental education, instead it deals with the design and conduct of educational activities - education, through workshops aimed at all ages to learn, live and love nature.
Finally it deals with the promotion of the territory through the organization of events that enhance the culture and the environment.

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